Prayer Wall

Beth Burkett-Rice
Traveling mercies for my family as we travel to and back from Grand Canyon in the month of May.
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Theo Nemeth
I need this Church to please pray that I recover my box of Mini DV Tapes (with sentimental memories) that was stolen out of my relatives Car. I'm so worried something might happen to it. So in the name of the Lord, I'm praying and I want you all to pray that I recover all of those Mini DV Tapes. It's in your hands Lord.
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Please pray that God would heal me emotionally and help me overcome addiction. Pray also for God's peace. Finally pray that God would put the right people in my life to help me grow.
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We Care About You

When we look beyond our own needs we encounter more fully God’s love. We care about each other.  We care about you. We understand prayer not only as words written and spoken but also in acts of hospitality, gratitude and compassion.